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Eliza; Justin is my baby boo bear



@scooterbraun: Angry face via #facetimemoments with justinbieber

Happy Birthday, Justin Drew Bieber! (March 1, 1994)

I love you so much! Words don’t even explain the passion I have for you. Your music helps me get through the toughest of situations and even if you mess up or you’re going through a hard time, i’m glad to have an idol like you to help me get through the hard times. Thank you for everything!


But it’s funny how no one is headlining “Justin Bieber on anti-depressants” because no one wants to admit that maybe just maybe all their constant bullying on this kid since he was only 15 has finally taken a toll on him and no one wants to admit that calling him a fag for the first few years of his career and constantly harassing him even though he’s a celebrity could actually be a form a bullying.

Ofc scooter is hanging with ariana

Q: Waiting for you to make an excuse for his actions

THERE IS NO EXCUse for what he did; but even if there was excuses don’t make things better and excuses certainly won’t make justin feel better either. I don’t support what he did but justin isn’t perfect in the things that he does it’s what he is and as much as he kills me I’m always going to support him
It’s the bad moments like these that make the good feel so much better


@wsvn: #BREAKING: Justin #Bieber mugshot released. http://t.co/prHXGYTN08


I’m still gonna love Justin Bieber don’t think I’m not I’m just disappointed